Reading is Thinking!

Rather than spending lots of time on individual strategies this year, I’m trying to focus more on how readers make meaning.  I’m going to try doing more “Pause & Think’s,” “Turn & Talk’s,” and “Stop & Jot’s.”

I made a poster to display all of the different things going on inside a reader’s head and added some sentence stems to help the kids get going.

I’m using Reading Response Journals to help my students learn to do this thinking work independently.  We started off by reading and responding together and then with buddies.  The next step is to get the kids writing their own thoughtful responses to their reading.  To help them get started I made a rubric, sentence stems, and a bookmark for both fiction and nonfiction reading.  I also made templates that students can use the first few times until they get the hang of it.

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Update!  I’ve added a freebie to go along with this anchor chart!  Check it out:

Reading Comprehension

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2 thoughts on “Reading is Thinking!

  1. Nita

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. For some reason, I am having a hard time conveying these ideas to my students this year. I have a low group of ELls and the academic language is very challenging for them. Anchor charts have been a blessing! Keep up the wonderful work & thanks again!!!