More Math Anchor Charts…

A few new math anchor charts have graced my classroom walls so I thought I’d share!

Basic operations is by far the toughest concept for my students – mainly in problem-solving.  So we refer back to this one a lot!
I wish I’d put all the units of length down the middle of the chart so it was easier to see the how the length increases from millimeter, centimeter, inch, foot, etc.  Maybe next year.
We use the Place Value chart a lot!  It’s the first unit of the school year so it seems like everything we learn falls right out of their heads.
🙂  Kady

9 thoughts on “More Math Anchor Charts…

  1. Gail Leighty

    My students have really enjoyed referencing the anchor charts in their classroom this year. Now that they are beginning to learn measurement – I am so glad I found this anchor chart idea. Awesome. Super ideas!

  2. Robin Nehila

    Love your charts! I teach 7th/8th math and you wouldn’t believe how many of these kids come to me not knowing the basics. Looks like you are giving them a GREAT foundation!

  3. S. Smith

    I love your measuring length chart! I’m teaching conversions to my 4th grade daughter. What can you suggest for graphics if I do a measuring mass/weight chart, and a measuring capacity chart? I have zero creativity skills and I’m at a loss for what pictures (meaning, what example items, like you have a paper clip on the length chart) to put on it!