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Hi there!  So glad you are here!  My name is Kady and I am an elementary teacher and (reformed) instructional coach! 🙂

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That’s me on the right. This is what happens when my family tries to get some decent pictures…


Kind of an odd name, but it perfectly sums up how I feel about being a teacher! On one hand, you’d have to be incredibly crazy to even consider going into the teaching profession, and yet I LOVE it so much! I love helping kids discover their own worth and potential!  I love seeing them get excited about learning and watching them overcome challenges! I love school supplies, anchor charts, and classroom libraries! I love hunting for teaching ideas, solving classroom dilemmas, and planning for amazing instruction! There is something addictive about the creative process involved in both teaching and learning and I’m hooked!  Or trapped, I guess I should say.


About the Blog

The TEACHERTRAP blog is simply a place where I can write about my challenges, experiences, and ideas. You can explore by using the TOP MENU or check out the CATEGORIES along the right side bar.  There’s also a SEARCH box over there if you’re trying to find something specific!


I’m unhealthily addicted to Pinterest. But this means I’ll go out there FOR YOU and find all the best teaching stuff on the web! I have boards covering all kinds of different teaching topics and I add new ones all the time.

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My TPT Store

I launched my store a few years back when I came to the astounding realization that NOT all teachers LOVE planning the way I do.  Team planning day?  Yes, please!  Spend hours creating units? Whoo hoo!  Apparently, my passion is not the norm… So I decided to start offering my work to other teachers and shockingly, they wanted it!  So I will happily keep making things as long as you all keep buying them! (Actually, I’ll probably keep making things anyway.)

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If you like staying up-to-date on all things EDUCATION and TEACHING, but don’t have the time to track down all the exciting news and posts, you might want to follow TeacherTrap on Facebook!  I work hard to provide relevant, entertaining, and inspirational content just for teachers!

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Let’s Get Personal!

1.  My Family

I have a crazy husband and a quirky, but very sweet son named Cole. My Dad also lives with us which means I am totally outnumbered. It’s all cars, cars, guy stuff, and cars around here.

Family Pic for Blog

Fun side-note… When I met my husband, I was teaching at a school called Walzem Elementary. One night, I was out with friends and met this funny guy. I mentioned that I worked at Walzem and he said that he went to Walzem as a child. I didn’t believe him when he told me, but the next day I looked him up in the old yearbook in the library and discovered his first grade picture! So cute then and so handsome now. How could I not fall in love?  Meant to be, I guess.

First grade and now!

First grade and now!

2. Education

I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a Masters Degree in Teaching. I loved it there! Great friends, beautiful campus, and amazing opportunities to work with outstanding educators.

One professor, the lovely Dr. Pat Norman, inspired me to question and define my beliefs about teaching and learning.  I find that I am still constantly questioning and redefining my vision of “best practice” even today.


Trinity University, San Antonio, TX.


3. Teaching Experience

I started my teaching career at Walzem Elementary. There, I taught First Grade and Pre-first Grade (yes, Pre-first) and worked under some truly progressive and inspiring administrators. Throw in an awesome team of 11 first grade teachers, a stellar math coach, and my former Trinity professor, and it was a recipe for some major personal and professional growth!


Walzem Elementary – my first real teaching job!


I worked closely with Trinity student-teachers, got involved in the National School Reform Faculty and CFG’s, and received a ton of awesome training! What a way to start off! So many good memories, great kids, and supportive friends.

Years later, after my little hiatus as an Instructional Coach, I began teaching 3rd Grade. Again, I was lucky to work with some wonderful administrators who supported the Professional Learning Community model. I loved teaching 3rd grade, partly due to the awesome teachers on my team. Teaching is so much better when you have the support of amazing colleagues. 


A few of my favorite teachers! 🙂


All of my teaching experience has been in Title 1 schools and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. Instructional Coaching

For a few years, I had the honor of working as an Instructional Coach for my school district. I say honor, because I was coaching a lot of teachers who were already outstanding teachers. This was a tricky role for me, straddling the line between teacher and administrator, but in the end it was such an incredible learning opportunity! Working as an Instructional Coach allowed me to attend all of the best trainings, learn from all the best teachers, and get a glimpse of education from the administrators’ side.

I was able to work with kids and teachers K-5, I learned the ins and outs of curriculum and standards, and I had the unique opportunity to step back from the classroom and reflect on teaching and learning. And hopefully I did some good while in this role, too!

In the end, the funding was cut and the “coaches” were placed back into classroom teaching positions. Luckily, I was ready by this time. Being part of a team and having your own classroom of students is such a gift!

5. What Now?

Right now, I am taking a break from the classroom. This year I’m working as a part-time intervention teacher and spending time on the hundreds of projects I’d started but not finished. It’s been great to have a little time to breathe, enjoy my family, and create units, lessons, and other teacher resources.



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16 thoughts on “All About Teacher Trap!

  1. Frances Engles

    Thank you, Kady, for your “5 Big Lesson Planning Mistakes…” I am a 40 year teacher struggling with the new way of doing things. Since I have no intentions of simply coasting my last few years, I will always learn and try to get better at my craft so your article came right on time, as we are winding down another school year. I intend to use your article (I’m going to memorize the whole thing!) to adjust my thinking about planning which has been very frustrating for our first grade team this year for exactly the reasons you delineated. I am pretty sure some professional development expert and/or an administrator has already told me all of the things you wrote about but I am also sure that my arms were crossed and my ears were not communicating with my brain because old dogs don’t necessarily like new tricks. I appreciate your teacher viewpoint and your focus on the “change your thinking” perspective because I can do that! I will be referring to your article often and am now your biggest fan. Keep up the good work! Frances

    1. Teacher Trap Post author

      Oh, what an amazing comment!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You really made my day! Actually, my week! So glad I could help. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    I rarely respond to anything on the Internet, but I am compelled to tell you that your website and suggestions are some of the best I’ve ever come across. I will definitely keep checking back. I am a Special Ed teacher, HS with ED students, but your ideas transfer across all grades. Thank you so much for your effort.

  3. Lorraine

    I just graduated and hope to have a teaching position this fall. Your website is AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing. I also went to Walzem Elementary back in the day!

  4. Rodrigo Marenco

    I wanted to tell you that I found your Investigating Our Changing Earth Unit really useful because of all the great activities and because it was greatly aligned with the TEKs. I am a 3rd grade teacher in San Antonio, Texas and I find it very difficult to find TEKs aligned Science resources. For this reason, I would like to ask you: Do you have a TEK based unit on the Solar System? We are supposed to start covering it on January 17th and what I have so far is not very exciting! If you have something similar to the Investigating our Changing Earth unit, I would definitely buy it! In fact, I could give you all the different upcoming units for the rest of the year and I would be a sure customer. No kidding!

    1. Teacher Trap Post author

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m actually working on updating that unit right now and then will start on Solar Systems. I don’t know if the final unit will be ready in time for you this school year, but I’ll let you know as soon as it is! 🙂

  5. Nicole Rushing

    I came across your blog from a Google search about how to plan my teacher summer so it doesn’t just waste away, however the calendars are from 2016. Do you have an updated version of the packet so that I can use it for 2017? You’re awesome by the way and this is my new favorite blog.

    1. Teacher Trap Post author

      Hi Nicole! Thanks for the kind words! Sorry I missed this message. I completely forgot to update the summer planner but I will make sure to do so for 2018! 🙂

  6. Elaine Dillon

    hello I am a mum, who is trying to help my son who is struggling with maths at school, he has a resource teacher for an hour each day and is catching up now. HE likes the posters and things that I get from Pinterest I have them in a folder for him, and he often looks through them. I am hoping that he will continue to enjoy my school help folder.

  7. Viridiana Rangel

    Hi, I just finished up my first year of teaching 5th grade, but I only taught reading! I will be teaching 3rd grade in a self-contained classroom this coming school year and I am so nervous about Math. I too, teach in Texas. I don’t know I just feel so nervous about teaching the math portion. We use Sharon Wells Math and they’ve told me that its simple, but I still feel pretty scared. Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance!

    1. Teacher Trap Post author

      Hi Viridiana!

      First off, what a beautiful name! Secondly, I apologize for my slow response. We moved across country this summer and I’ve been VERY distracted and bit overwhelmed. Things are settling down now though! 🙂 At this point, I’m guessing you’ve found that teaching math is not any harder than teaching reading! If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help you out. I’d love to hear how it’s going so far! 🙂

  8. Sammi Wykle

    Hi Kady! I am starting my first year of teaching – I am so excited, but also overwhelmed! I will be teaching high school algebra and geometry. I came across your post “A Better Back to School” and I loved it. I was curious if you suggest taking that whole first week to get to know your students even for the high school level? Or should I just do it for the first 2-3 days? Would love to hear your opinion. Thank you for your help! ?

    1. Teacher Trap Post author

      Hi Sammi!

      Sorry for the slow reply! We moved across the country this summer and I’ve been a little distracted. 😉 Congratulations on your first year of teaching! The first year is always so challenging but so exciting! I know you’re way past the first few weeks of school now, and I hope it went well! I’ve never taught high school, although I would say that team-building is an important part of any learning community. I think taking the first week to review prior material, get to know each other, and teach procedures is probably a good idea at any age! I’d love to hear how your year is going so far. And thanks so much for reading! 🙂


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