Reading Test Prep Strategies

Reading Test Prep Strategies from Teacher Trap

So excited to share the latest addition to my arsenal of reading test prep strategies!  I wanted to begin building strong habits now that will lead to success on reading tests later so that my students will feel confident and ready when the time comes.

In my last post on test prep, I shared powerful strategies that would help students become more critical thinkers when it came to standardized tests.  This post is all about teaching and practicing a useful routine that embeds the testing strategies I hope to see them use.

I used the acronym SMART so that I could encourage students to use their SMART Strategies!

 The acronym includes all the steps that I think make the biggest impact on student success during reading tests.  We’ve been practicing the steps together and with partners using different articles, passages, and texts over the last few weeks and I am thrilled with what I’m seeing.


As before, we’re doing a lot of hands-on work that involves color-coding, mapping text features, and matching questions to their evidence in the passage.  The only difference is that now we are using the SMART Strategies to guide the process.  My goal is to move students toward independence with these habits.

Eventually, we’ll stop chopping up the questions and begin color-coding or writing question numbers to show our evidence, but for now the hands-on nature of moving the questions is more engaging and visual for students.

Students also created bookmarks and fold-ups to go with our reading strategies.  I’ve added these materials to Reading Test Prep 101.

Happy test prep everyone!  For more powerful strategies, take a peek at Stress Free Test Prep!  May your students rock those tests!

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